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MAM Strategic Advisory Group is a trusted advisor passionate about solving problems in the architecture, engineering and construction (A/E/C) industry. Extensive experience on 3 multi-billion dollar capital improvement programs provides a significant working knowledge of the critical issues related to real estate, planning, design and construction and a deep expertise in procurement, selection of key business partners, contracts, and risk management.


Maureen McDonough, the President of MAM Strategic Advisory Group, enjoys a knowledge base that spans over 3 decades in the construction industry.  Maureen brings 5 key strengths to your team including (1) a complete and thorough understanding of the roles, responsibilities and liabilities of key players , (2) a relentless focus on process and risk, (3) an in-depth understanding of the selection process of business partners, (4) a strategic and collaborative approach to contract negotiations and (5) a passion for improving the project delivery experience.